Blackwood Façade Improvement Program


It is the intent of the Township of Gloucester to provide financial assistance to qualified owners of commercial properties located within the boundaries of the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) target area for eligible building or site improvements that contribute to the physical, economic, social, and aesthetic enhancement of the Downtown Blackwood area. Through the Façade Improvement Grant Program, the Township seeks to help businesses improve the attractiveness of properties, and thereby work to achieve the Township’s goal of eliminating conditions that have a negative impact on economic growth. The grant will pay for 50% of the total cost of an approved project up to a maximum grant of $15,000. All improvements must be in compliance with any and all applicable codes, design standards, and all other restrictions of the Township of Gloucester. Every project must be approved by the Township Grants Office, and is subject to fund availability.


Blackwood Façade Improvement Grant Program Application Package